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Welcome to Larvik & Stavern Tennis

Larvik & Stavern Tennis is a result of previously Stavern Tennis Club and Larvik Tennis Club being joined together under a single management several years ago. Today, the club has 4 outdoor clay courts in Larvik and a further 4 outdoor clay courts in Stavern, plus a tennis hall with 4 indoor courts in Stavern.

Our courts are available for both members and guests (non-members) all year around. In the summertime (approximately mid May until mid September, weather dependent) we play outdoors on our 4 clay courts in Stavern and another 4 clay courts in Larvik. In the winter we play indoors in our tennis hall in Stavern.


To become a member of the club, please visit the club office at the tennis hall in Stavern (address Staurumveien 15, Stavern) during our secretary's office hours: Mondays from 16:30 until 19:30. Our secretary Ragnhild will take your details and enroll you into the club. Alternatively, send your request by email to Ragnhild at post@larvikstaverntennis.no or to leder@larvikstaverntennis.no

We have two forms of membership. FULL member, or SUMMER member.

The FULL membership costs, per year, 1.100 NOK for adults, or 700 for juniors. (Junior is up to the year in which you turn 20 years old). Full club members can play UNLIMITED hours on our 8 outdoor courts (4 courts in Larvik and 4 in Stavern). Members do not pay for each hour of play on the outdoor courts. Unlimited use of the outdoor courts is included in the membership fee.

FULL members can hire court time in our indoor tennis hall in Stavern. For members, this costs 165 NOK per hour in the weekends and on weekdays before 15:00, or 195 NOK on weekday afternoons/evenings.

FULL members are also able to join in activities such as tennis courses / lessons, tournaments, our team series, special activity days and other events.

FULL members are given key cards both to our outdoor courts and to our indoor hall.

The SUMMER membership costs, per year, 700 NOK for adult, or 400 NOK for junior. As a SUMMER member, you can play on our outdoor courts in the summer, as much as you want during your stay here. This type of membership is meant for tourists / visitors who come here for holiday for a few weeks - not for permanent residents. If you live permanently in the Larvik area and you want to use the courts all summer, you have to choose the normal, full membership. 

SUMMER members are given a key card to the outdoor courts, but not to the indoor tennis hall. Summer members are also not able to join in other activities such as lessons / classes, tournaments, activity days etc.


If you do not wish to join the club but simply wish to hire courts to play tennis occasionally, or during a holiday visit, you are very welcome. Court hire prices for guests:

Outdoor court: 200 NOK per hour.

Indoor hall: 195 NOK per hour on weekends or weekdays before 15:00, or 225 NOK per hour on weekdays after 15:00.

To get into the outdoor courts, you need access to a key card so you can lock yourself into the courts, because the club / facilities are not permanently manned. We have an arrangement with STAVERN SPORT, the sporting goods store located on Dronningens Gate 2 in Stavern, and also with HITZ OPTIKK, an optician shop located at Kongegata 25 in Larvik. At either of these places you can pay 200 NOK for the court hire, plus an additional 200 NOK in deposit for borrowing a key card. Take the key card and let yourself into the courts. After you've finished playing, you return the key card to the shop, and you get your 200 NOK deposit back.

If Stavern Sport / Hitz Optikk is closed or for some other reason you are unable to get a key card from there, you may call Fritz Berg on +47 40 52 99 34, Bjørn Lynne on +47 4733 1213, or Sverre Piene on +47 9155 3160. They are members of the board of directors of the club and they live locally so they can open the courts for you and help you with payment at the office.

If you wish to use the indoor hall, please Fritz Berg on +47 40 52 99 34, Bjørn Lynne on +47 4733 1213, or Sverre Piene on +47 9155 3160 to discuss availability and they can also open the hall and let you in. But please keep in mind that the indoor hall is normally not available during the summer season, except under special circumstances. During the summer we prefer to use only our outdoor courts and the indoor hall is given a "rest" until we once again start using it in the autumn.

Members playing WITH guests:

If two people play together on our outdoor courts and one of them is a member and the other is not a member, you pay HALF of the normal court hire fee. The member's half is covered by his membership with the club, but the guest's half must be paid. So for a member playing with a non-member on our outdoor court, it's 75 NOK per hour.

If two people play together in our indoor hall and one of them is a member and the other is not a member, you must pay the FULL court hire price, because both members and non-members must pay to use the indoor courts.

You can find us here:

  • 4 outdoor courts and 4 indoor courts in Stavern: Staurumveien 15, 3291 Stavern
  • 4 outdoor courts in Larvik: Bergeløkka, near Trudvang Gjestegård, Larvik


 You may want to visit our Facebook Page for photos, events and more.

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